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I will create any vehicle (bikes, cars, planes, helicopters, etc), the cost of one model is 6 euro. Ordering 5 models at a time, 6 you get free.


I will make an object/block model (items, furniture, hats, weapons, etc) with textures. The cost of one model is 1-5 euro (depends on the complexity). Ordering 10 models at a time 11 you get free.


I make graphics related to minecraft (pixelarts, textures, etc) and animated textures. The cost of graphics is 2 euro, the price of an animated texture is 5 euro


RP Optimization: 10 euro

Configuring the RP: 10 euro

Repairing a RP: 2.5 euro

Vehicle configuration: 1 euro

RP - Resourcepack


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